Unlock several useful perks to take your server on the next level and unlock its full potential!

1 Month

6 Months



12 Months


Compare plans Free Premium
Global Chat Embeded Non-Embeded
Custom Commands 5 20+5
Twitter Notifications 3 17+3
Youtube Notifications 2 18+2
Banner Generator Watermarked No Watermarks
Leveling Basic Leveling XP tweak, custom level up messages
Server Economy Basic Economy Custom name & emoji, leveling points
Guess The Number Range within 0-400 Unlimited Range
Fastest Finger Mini-Game Medium difficulty Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty
Chat Reviver One Reviver per server, timeout greater than 40 mins One Reviver per channel, timeout greater than 4 mins.
Tips system 10 tips and trigger more than 40 messages 20 tips and trigger more than 10 messages.
Leveling Roles 6 18+6
Voter Exclusive Commands Requires you to vote No voting required